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Our method, ‘Full Body Thinking’ is designed to create stronger connections between your intellect, intuition and emotional systems. Combining physical movement, mindfulness and professional coaching practices we focus on personal growth as a direct path to professional success.


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“humans are not resources.”

founders, Marcelo & TOny


Professional growth comes from personal growth, not the other way round.

25 years, 15 agencies and 4 continents of experience tell us that Thinking for a Living is not just hard on your mind, but it’s hard on your body. That hoping for growth to be provided to you isn’t a strategy, and that if you want to evolve as a Thinker you have to invest in ALL of you. How you think, how you move, how you feel and align it in a consistent practice.

You are NOT a resource. You are a creative and intelligent human, that has enormous potential. We want that potential to be realised, so that others can benefit in how you solve life through Full Body Thinking.


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